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Snowman Trek Bhutan 2023
Snowman Trek Bhutan 2023


In May/June 2023 I completed one of my most amazing Himalayan adventures; the “Snowman Trek”. The Snowman’s route took me 300km through the Himalayas in northwestern Bhutan, much of it along the Tibetan border. My primary reason for doing this Trek was to experience the natural beauty of Bhutan’s remote valleys, rivers and spectacular mountains, and in that regard it far exceeded my expectations! But the Trek gave me so much more! It provided me a deeply meaningful cultural experience, as I met many wonderful local people and was introduced to life in their highland villages as well as in their high elevation nomadic homes. My hope is that this video gives you a sense of what I feel makes Bhutan a truly special place. And should you be considering this adventure for yourself then be prepared; it offers far more than just a mountain experience!! This trek was organized for me by Michael Dudeck at Canadian Himalayan Expeditions. For more information about the Snowman Trek please check out their page.

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