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Each person sees the world around them in their own way. As you view my images in this brief photo story I hope you see somewhat familiar subjects a little differently, and perhaps the next time you are out for a walk you will observe your surroundings with more attention to the creativity and beauty gifted to us by reflections. While recently reviewing my photo library, I noticed I have many photos of “reflections”; of reflections in lakes, windows, mirrors, temporary pools of rain, or in other shiny surfaces.



What attracts me to take such photos?

It is usually nothing more than my automatic reaction to something I see as attractive. I enjoy how reflections present a scene different than reality, sometimes exhibiting distinctive shapes, colors, or textures, and other times distorting the scene into an abstract. I like that reflections are somewhat fleeting, being temporary in nature, with the final image capturing the light on a reflective surface only at the instant I click the camera shutter. The likelihood that someone else has caught the same scene is minimal, allowing me to create something unique and personal.





















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